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Teaching with cases is an integral part of management education today. The outcomes of this approach are: more participation by students, highly stimulating classroom discussions, students are better prepared for real life corporate realities/issues, learning becomes multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary and a renewed joy in teaching and learning.

This FDP aims to: bring out the strengths of case method in teaching, motivate the participants to adopt ‘case teaching’ as an additional pedagogical tool in delivery of their future courses, equip participants to teach cases more effectively and also expose them to the craft of case writing.


The participants through this FDP should:

  • Develop an appreciation of case method in teaching of Management and Social Sciences;

  • Become aware of background preparation required to become successful case teachers;

  • Get insights into the process of managing classroom discussions; and

  • Get motivated to use case method of teaching in appropriate learning contexts.


The FDP will be interactive interspersed with exercises, group discussions, and practice.


This FDP is designed for the current and prospective teachers in academic institutions and corporate trainers. This FDP will benefit: (a) all those teachers who are new to the case based teaching; and (b) even those teachers who have case teaching experience, but want to further improve their case teaching effectiveness. Workshop will also be useful to the research scholars who intend to join teaching profession in due course of time. A certificate of participation shall be provided to all the participants.